Hoagie Time

dicks, drag, baby animals, sassy shit, anything Pujols and some other junk i guess that I like. I don't understand how to do anything but hit reblog.

histiere asked: I'm catching up on Glee and I had no clue that they sang your song Lets Have a KiKi and I was shrieking in joy when thy just started singing it. I was so pleasantly surprised.

It’s a Scissors Sister song that Rhea Litre and I did a parody of called Let’s Have a KaiKai.


deathisthefuture asked: Willam, when are you coming to Australia? I've seen you mention that you are coming sometimes this year. Specifically are you coming to Brisbane? If so, for how long? I wanna take you out for coffee! (ps. I adhered to the 10 commandments of Willam and checks your gigs first but couldn't see anything.)

I don’t drink coffee but thanks. Nothing is set. Had one convo about later this year.


idontknowwhatimevergoingtodo asked: willam! you are one of my favourite people on this earth! i just wanted advice with coming out. im going to university next year, but i will have to stay at home. but, i know my parents will kick me out because they are extremely anti gay. what should i do?

i just answered some stuff like this the other day. Decide how much being you is worth to you. You wanna pay for it all yourself and work nights while going to school during the day and getting loans and struggling but being you and living your truth and shit? Or do you wanna be under mommy & daddy’s thumb and let them take care of your education in exchange for a little bit more of your soul every day until you can’t take it and bust out and then really cause a mess (or get depressed because you can’t be you)?

I mean it seems like an easy call to me but it might not be as b&w as my font makes it seem.

You do you, blah blah insert motivational words, work etc…blah, etc…


lesliebooher asked: I beard willam. yes.

glad it’s LB approved.


onlinebhole asked: Is weho just gays and older women?

Russians, too. The trash cans have cyrillic print on them even.


queefingforjesus asked: When are you going to do bingo at hamburger Mary's weho again? ๐Ÿ˜˜

23rd. tmrw.


legacyinprogress asked: Willam, I have such a new look on you after this Hey Qween. I always connected with your no fucks given attitude, but I have to say that you are so insightful and a real grown bitch. I've enjoyed you since seeing your brick on Nip/Tuck years ago. Keep working it out and keep being you and giving the young children - like me - a good idol to look up to.

thanks. The chilwrens gonna emulate.


jewlesthemagnificent asked: A) I'm sure you probably get a lot of messages like this, but I have fibromyalgia, which blows, and when I'm not at work I tend to have to spend a lot of time in bed/on the couch re-charging my batteries, otherwise I'll get sick. No matter how much I feel like hot garbage water, your videos always make me laugh and perk me up considerably. (cuntinued) (SIC)

Rad. My Mom has that too. It sucks donkey dick but I’m glad you’re keeping your spirits up through regular visits to my booger-down clown town.


ilritmodellapassione asked: Saw you last night at mickeys and you were absolutely wonderful when I spoke to you after the show! Just sending you some love! Keep doing what your doing!'

cool. hi dude. was it you who i was talking to Tumblr about it.