lesliebooher asked:

are you getting excited for the meWme show this weekend? my friend is playing his first show at madison square garden that same night about 6 blocks away. wish i could be there to support you both. knock 'em dead, bitch.

Well look at you.

Yes I’m excited Leslie. But what not to wear…


delphineygt asked:

More questions cuz I wanna know more!!! I know u had a part in producing the AAA girls song, did u write all the lyrics as well? Or did the three of u write it together? And another question is, will u and Courtney still have another collab? U said u guys recorded one before but there were tech problems so that never came out... Or will it? Lol Btw HUGE CONGRATS the shirts sold out so quickly! Here to wish you and the other two getting more "mainstream" jobs!!

Hi. Never say never but i’m also not putting out what I’m doing because I hate people asking me when I’m still finishing. Sometimes my timeline is only a realistic thing to me and not everyone else so release dates have become more fluid in my life. I rounded up the troops on this and produced and wrote the chorus…Nicole Paige Brooks reference, too, but we all wholeheartedly agreed on that. I laughed for a minute straight after hearing Alaska’s take and decided I was cool shining during sax solo and chorus. We all worked together and complimented each other strength wise beautifully. Plus, we like the same drugs.


nolitaflat asked:

It makes me super happy that you play saxophone, I play too :) do you prefer playing a specific one? (soprano is gorgeous if you can get that embouchure right!)

I marched Bari and love it. The bari sax in that song The Greatest Event of your Life is one of my fave bass lines. Plus you can hide drugs in it for after band class.


princess-nobucks asked:

How is it that even though you had the least amount of face time in the video(compared to Courtneys singing and Alaskas solo) YOU had my undivided attention?

I kinda put it all together and produced. Not everything you see on screen represents the full contribution. I love writing and producing sometimes more than performing depending on the participants. I’m glad you enjoyed it though.