brandonidgaf asked:

Just got back from your show at Attitudes Nightclub. You were AMAZING. So much fun. I was the guy right in the front, watching you with the biggest smile on my face. You actually took my phone (while my sister was holding it) and rubbed it against your crotch. That was my first time to a drag show at a club and you made it stellar. I had so much fun! You are the best.

Rad. Glad you came out. Hope you aint got shit to do tmrw…or actually- now today.


kebbincakebread asked:

what are your favorite little things? i really want to make you a gift or something for coming to sanfrancisco, but i want to know what you like. im a little low on cash, but if not i could always throw organic peanut butter covered money at you.

Just come to the gig and yell obscenities! Presence is more important than presents.