bdanielcole asked:

I think it's really cool that you're coming to two new cities in September - Wed Sept 17 to Louisville KY (Play Louisville) and also to St Louis on Thurs Sept 18 (Attitudes Nightclub). Tickets for both available on Eventbrite. (shameless promoter plug)

Hi Daniel! See you soon!


nothingbetterever asked:

You said in one of your questions that you really like Manchester. I live in Manchester and it's my favourite place in the world, I was just wondering what you like about it? (And if you're planning to come back soon because I missed you last time)

V Revolution in the Northern Quarter was rad to hang out in. Went there a couple times and the staff is cool and everyone’s in a band and there is great food. The movie theater complex is fun. The gay bars are all walking distance. It just seems like a great spot to live. I like visiting there at least for sure.


lesliebooher asked:

favorite music from burning man?

Hands down the Bootie parties, especially Friday and Matt from the Glamcocks played a slick set and this dude from Baaaaahs played some song that kept repeating “I’m from Chicago” but it wasn’t the RDR girl saying it from the Morgan fight.