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elevanthdoctor asked: Also do you get nervous before you perform? Like both in general and on the lip sync for your lifes on S4.

Ha. No Nerves. in fact- Jiggly’s dress broke and I actually took a safety pin outta mine to fix her’s right before we lip-synced. No one was helping her and I did the best and pinned it into her hair and dress. We knew it was us cause they weren’t gonna let Latrice lip-sync cause she woulda embarrassed herself in that dress since it didn’t fit cause we weren’t eating normally. We were mad the song was lame. YES Pam Tillis. I said IT. WE FUCKING HATED DANCING AROUND TO YOUR TWO STEP ASS SONG (but it was lovely meeting you and i respect the body of your work as an entertainer and love your Dad’s music).


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    holy shit willam is god phenomenal human fcuck
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    I think it would have been really nice to see you pinning Jiggly’s dress. I wish they’d have put that in, it’s sweet
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